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Michael DeRitis and Daniel Gervasio have been friends for 25 years and place high value giving back both on an individual and a community level. Guardian Angels Trauma Experts wants to be known as an every day name to contact for any reason regarding on spot planning or pre planning of funerals/memorials. We also want to be involved in giving back to the first responder and medical community for all they do. Simply put, we want our success to be defined by how much we can impact this field in a positive way and make people see a little bit of light during one of the hardest times of their lives.

Daniel Gervasio

Daniel was born and raised in Long Island, New York by his loving parents and three older brothers. Daniel learned from an early age to always treat people with honesty and respect. From changing random people’s flat tires on the side of the road to helping seniors loading groceries into their cars Daniel knew at a young age that he wanted to help people and give back in any way he could. It was evident that the Gervasio brothers had a passion for service as one continues to serve in the United States Marine Corp. and another is a police officer in New York.
Daniel worked in restaurants, in construction and as an electrician for years before a call to do something more took him to Columbus, Ohio. Daniel and his sidekick Zoey(a rescue Beagle/Jack Russel mix) ventured out to the Midwest where he worked in the inner city as a police officer with the Columbus Division of Police. With a strong passion to help the community he served, Daniel worked tirelessly on the overnight shift for many years in the areas with the highest crime.  Daniel’s actions and services provided during his career earned him numerous recognitions and awards as well as special assignments in the department. While in Ohio, Daniel and Zoey welcomed another member into their family in the way of a German Shepherd named Zero.
Daniel had a passion and ambition to do something greater still which brought him and his childhood friend Michael together to collaborate to give back in greater ways. With an idea in mind (and maybe a thought of palm trees and no winters), Daniel, Zoey and Zero resigned from the police department and moved to Tampa, Florida to start Guardian Angels Trauma Experts. Daniel and Zero went through training together to certify Zero as an Emotional Support Animal. Daniel was fortunate enough to be a contributor and sponsor to the Tampa Children’s Cancer Center fundraiser of 2021 and hopes to continue to be able to work with the organization and the children on a personal level. Both Daniel and Michael believe their culmination of generosity and love for giving back will be fulfilled with the services and goals of Guardian Angels Trauma Experts. We look forward to continuing to help people in the Tampa area and beyond in as many ways as possible for years to come.
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Michael DeRitis

Michael is a proud husband and father who has built his life from the ground up. Self employed since 22, Michael has always had the ambition to work for himself or with a great friend as a partner. With multiple companies on the east coast, Michael has won numerous awards from top 40 under 40, best contractor to work for and a LEED certification.

Michael wanted to branch out into the heating, ventilating and air conditioning field and designed a business plan based on his strong background in the architectural/contracting industry mixed with his HVAC passion.  His idea was to blend the two and make Madison & East Mechanical a success. His accomplishments in that short time were astounding. Michael went through the infancy stage and worked out of his home; using his pick-up truck to transport his equipment, going after any kind of job he could to get his company up and running and always providing around the clock service. In just short three (3) years, Michael has grown that brand new company into a multi-million dollar success, has started a sister company in Florida, as well as involvement in other business ventures that act as “sister” companies. Michael’s business now has a principal location with nine vans, a staff of 14 and an office mascot named Bullet the dog. Michael is steam rolling into his 8th year in business! Madison & East mostly deals in commercial properties, but has increased activity working in retail properties, as well as a strong foothold on school campuses and hospitals.

What makes Michael shine is that  “can do” attitude he has laced with an unlimited amount of enthusiasm. To say he is an “idea man” is an understatement.  It is not uncommon to receive a call from Michael at the oddest times or hours and listen to him explain another great idea he just had. What makes him different is he follows through on those ideas and makes them a reality.

As successful as Michael is, that teenage boy still shows up in his personality. Success has not jaded him. He is always ready to lend a hand, always ready to get his hands dirty and always ready to help you out of a jam any way that he can, whether physically, emotionally or financially.

Generosity is another one of his strong points. Michael has a large philanthropy circle and has set up a scholarship at (4) local high schools with another (4) on the horizon for a deserving student, as well as making generous charitable donations to multiple causes. Michael is a member of various organizations that work toward making our communities a better place.

With a passion to help others, there is no surprise that he would get himself into the field of helping those who have lost loved ones. Making sure his clients are always taken care of, Michael gains the trust of anyone he works with because his loyalty is worn on his sleeve and shows in every aspect of his life. Excited to help others across the world and locally, while building a beautiful family, there’s nothing more exciting than the years ahead.