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Funeral Costs & Payment Options

We don't know anyone who likes to talk about money after a loved one just passed, but it might be worse when they realize they can't afford to pay for the services. The NFDA as of 2020 states that the average Funeral costs can be over $10,000.00, that's without the cemetary plot. When you start talking about the plot and cemetery costs, it can range from $18,000.00 to $30,000.00.

When forged together the emotional grief and not being able to come up with the money, can call for a horrible situation for any family. Pre-planning benefits you and your family, you'll be able to lock in the pricing at the current rates while providing a seamless service.

At the end of this journey we call life, your family and close ones will be responsible for paying for the services and cemetery costs, upfront. While there might be options on the table in regards to payment such as: Credit card, bank loan, family savings, veterans benefits or life insurance. Please keep in mind that the final payment must be made 2 days prior to the services while life insurance payout can take upwards to 60 days. Regardless of the payment option, we are here to help with each step.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Understanding prepaid funeral costs doesn’t have to be difficult. Here we answer a few questions.

What do I do when someone passes unexpectedly?

Many people don’t know what to do during this emotional and often confusing time. If you find yourself in this position, we encourage you to reach out to our team as soon as possible. We can have someone answering your questions, guiding you and helping you immediately. We believe no one should have to go through this alone and unprepared. We want you to know we are always here to help.

What do I do when I’m ready to pre-plan my arrangements?

Preplanning arrangements is a great idea as it helps you and your family alleviate many of the burdens that come with on spot planning. When you are ready to begin preplanning, just give us a call for a free consultation. We can answer all of your questions and begin the process of a stress-free future.

What about Covid-19?

We understand that many people want to avoid contact during the global pandemic. We offer contact free consultations as well. If Covid-19 is a concern then we can mail you a folder with our information and set a future virtual consultation going over all the information you received. If indoor contact is the major concern, then our consultant can meet you any place you’d like in an outdoor setting. We love coffee and never pass up an opportunity to have a cup of java on a patio.

How can I better care for my family members in your area when I live so far away?

We offer guardianship services as well. We do this through multiple levels depending on what is needed. Some people need daily care and some only need help with a few minor activities. We have a plan or can customize one for each person. Our team understands the importance of having family close by and when you use our company you become part of our family. We can always be there for your loved ones whether it’s grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments or a few games of Rummy

What separates this company from funeral homes?

We work alongside and partner with many funeral homes in the area to accomplish all of your needs for arrangements. The benefits of using our company come in the convenience, discounts and alternate services we provide. Head on over to our ‘What We Offer’ page at to see our full list of alternate services.

What happens if I move?

Guardian Angels Trauma Experts has a network throughout the United States to make sure your funeral plans are transferable wherever you move. We will work hard to ensure your plans are exactly how you want them wherever your new path leads you.

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