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The hardest part of life can surprise you at any given moment, leaving loved ones scrambling to find information or stressing about funding the services. We thoroughly understand the hardship and have been through thick and thin with our own families and friends. We are here to take the hustle and bustle out of the funeral planning for our clients allowing us to customize the funeral to exactly how you or your loved one would want it. We are passionate about helping others and allowing them to primarily focus on their pre-plan or loss of the loved one.

Who We Are

Each member of the Guardian Angels family takes pride in offering a number of services to our clients. We aim to make pre planning funeral arrangements as easy and stress free as possible so families of the elderly or infirm will be taken care of when their loved one departs.

We also strive to make families feel as loved and cared for as possible in the tragic event of an unexpected death. We serve as guardians and liaisons to families who have lost someone and are left with the unfortunate job of planning a funeral. We have partnered with companies in the funeral industry to make the process as smooth as possible. As many of us who have lost a loved one will know, the pain and anguish does not stop once the funeral/services are planned and completed. That’s why our team at Guardian Angels Trauma Experts are focused on the continued healing of our clients. Our clients are considered family and we are determined to do everything we can to see our family members provided with as many healing options as possible.

When you become a member of the Guardian Angels Trauma Experts you get access to services beyond the basics. Interested in knowing which services? Simply click below!

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Our Commitment And Guarantee

Guardian Angels Trauma Experts was founded with one key goal in mind: helping people in need. We understand the pain, suffering and confusion of losing someone because we’ve been through it too. Our commitment as a company is to always make our clients feel like family. We commit wholeheartedly to easing the burden that comes along with planning arrangements for a loved one. We will work tirelessly to make sure your loved one’s life is honored exactly how you want it. If a circumstance arises where we do not have an answer for you then we will work as fast and thorough as possible to make sure we get it to you.

At Guardian Angels Trauma Experts, we guarantee to treat you and your family with professionalism, empathy and respect. We also guarantee that our service fee will never be more than what we will save for your arrangements. To show how much we care about our clients, we also guarantee that if a service is needed outside of our network, we will do whatever is needed to gather as much information and help your family as best as possible.