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Release the weight off everyone’s shoulders

Release the Weight Off Everyone’s Shoulders

It’s disturbing to think that as of 2020, 43% of Americans are unable to afford an emergency of $1,000.00 or more without hurting their bank accounts. The fact of the matter is, the average blue collar individual is unable to put funds aside for emergencies or for argument’s sake, a funeral. 

The average American savings account looks something around the lines of $17,000.00 with a median savings account more towards the $5,000.00 range. Considering the median average is significantly lower than the National average, means the majority of families are more towards the $5,000.00 range or under the average. 

Your funeral costs can add up drastically with inflation these days, the pricing seems to always be increasing with no end in sight. Pre-planning your funeral has numerous benefits that we will go through now. 

  1. Fixed Pricing: 
    1. Lock in today’s rates to avoid future price increases and inflation. Looking back at the history of funeral costs, it has never declined. You read that right, which means each year it gets more expensive. This shows how important it can be to secure your costs today as another way to alleviate stress and financial burdens on your family in the future. 
  2. Payment Plans: 
    1. We’ve seen it too many times, a family is in a  situation where they just don’t have enough money to pay for the services: what can they do? By pre-planning your funeral, you’re addressing the costs upfront and working a payment plan that works for you. The average individual pays the funeral off within 3-5 years leaving them worry free when it comes to funeral costs. 
  3. Release the financial Burden: 
    1. With the statistics mentioned above, we should consider these costs that may affect your loved ones when you pass. Life insurance payments are typically received 30-60 days after the services when the cost of the arrangements have to be paid in full two days before the services. Let’s work on a payment plan that will help or eliminate the financial stress that may come along with planning a funeral. 
  4. Remembering You: 
    1. If you were to suddenly pass without proper goodbyes, this is a good chance to still have that opportunity. Creating your funeral as a last goodbye so everyone can remember you down to each detail. Whether it’s your favorite color, your handwritten sentiments given to each attendee or a lasting message to be conveyed at the service. Keeping record of how you want to be honored will ensure we all make the services a memory that will last forever. If you love sunflowers or an exotic daisy, we can arrange and surprise your family with whatever you desire for your services. Anything you can dream of, we will make it happen. 

To conclude, completing the pre-planning of your funeral will release your loved ones from the obligation of setting up services in less than a week while worrying about the financial stress behind it. For the sake of your own health, it’s a weight lifted off of your shoulders for you to enjoy the rest of your time here on this beautiful rock we call earth. Price lock, customize and ensure that your goodbyes and final departure will be remembered forever. This is not something easy to accept, but once you complete this process and all is in order, the feeling is indescribable. 

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