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We help ease any burden that might arise along the way with laying your loved one to rest. From pre-planning the funeral arrangements, helping with a tragic loss and being there every step of the way. We take pride in helping others and easing the process of a loss in any way we can. Guaranteed.

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Having the expertise of the Guardian Angels team behind you through ALL the steps that go along with the funeral process will not only allow you to properly grieve but will also save you money on the services. Our personal planning guide will navigate through your loved ones life to reflect the memories and character to instill a personal remembrance one final time. This is a time where we need to keep the stress levels low, mindset clear and focus solely on family. With the Guardian Angels by your side, you can count on us to make the process as smooth as possible.

Design a memorial service

We want to shine a light on the loved one being honored at the funeral service. Which is why we aim to create one as unique and customizable to your family’s desires and requests. Passing the torch to one of our Guardian Angels to handle the planning allows you the time to remember and cherish the memories of your loved one.

Ease the burden for loved ones

By pre-planning your arrangements with us, we not only promise you the memorial service that you envisioned, but we’re there to ensure that your family focuses on grieving, being there for each other and family. By doing this, you ease the financial and emotional obligations of your loved ones during this difficult time of planning.

No-contact, remote consultations

If you’d prefer not to leave your house, no problem. If you don’t want a Guardian Angel or for that matter anyone at your home, no problem. We take our client’s privacy and health very seriously and will do anything necessary to make sure you and your family feel comfortable with our team. Whether it’s a virtual conference, emails, phone conversations or text, we are here to make the process as simple and quick as possible.

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Create and beautify your funeral so the day is planned and taken care of. Continue life with a clear mindset knowing this is all being taken care of for you and your loved ones.

What Our Families Say

“Michael and his team were a pleasure to work with in regards to pre-planning my funeral. I’ve never thought of doing something like this but after everything was said and done, I felt and still feel much better. I recommended them to all my girlfriends and what a weight off our shoulders”

Angela De Ritis

“Mike doesn’t let anything slip by, every detail from start to finish was accounted for and made us feel comfortable talking about this topic. It's nice to know I have Mike and his team behind me and my parents if a tragedy were to happen.”

John Kelly

“The team at Guardian Angels is an asset to our family. With my parents in their later years and myself having children, I felt that setting this up now would avoid a bunch of headaches down the road. Unfortunately we will all pass at some point, but while I’m still here living, it's nice to know it will be taken care of and in good hands.”

Chris Longobardo

Planning Ahead

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